• With Frédéric Vardon, the pigeon, perfectly cooked, both smooth and firm, really delicious, honors the great French cuisine.

    Le Figaro, septembre 2017

  • He proposes a neoclassical cuisine gladly raffish, awarded since 2012 with a star in the Michelin Guide. A success he intends to transpose in Hong Kong where he just inaugurated a restaurant bearing the same name.

    Le Parisien, septembre 2017

  • Frédéric Vardon : « Be a cook, it is a philosophical path »

    L'express Styles, novembre 2017

  • Starred chef, native from Normandy, unique Parisian innkeeper, Frédéric Vardon is publishing a delicious life story with Flammarion publisher. His sentimental cuisine is only made with good products. Exclusively.

    Ouest France, décembre 2017

  • The chef Frédéric Vardon, charming character, who learned to cook with three great Alain (Dutournier, Chapel and Ducasse) puts his guts and his skills on the table to make meticulous and sparkling dishes. He does everything well ! If we have to grade his restaurant out of 40, we might be tempted to say 39,5.

    Les Echos Week-end, Novembre 2016

  • Since he never forgets the notion of service, he combines gastronomy and proximity. His clients who are also his friends and are lucky to have his phone number can order a rib of beef before coming. It is waiting for them, cooked as they want.

    Huffingtonpost, octobre 2016


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