The Truffle Tuber Melanosporum, or the black gold from Périgord

The Tuber Melanosporum is the best black truffle, with one of the most powerful flavour...

It's labelled Truffe du Périgord and when raw, it has a very specific flavour of hazelnut and the scent of the forest. This truffle is fleshy and spherical, it's fragrance is pleasant, spicy and lasting.
This underground treasure has long been considered as evil. Its dark colour and the fact it is growing under the soil built its bad reputation : only the Devil could have created this mushroom. Thanks to Louis XIV, who was a fond of food and a gourmet, the truffle can be found in our plates today.
It flavours sauces, poultry and games, but the black truffle is also truly delightful when put raw on a king scallop, and the aficionado will eat it as it is, plain. Frédéric Vardon also loves it in a natural way, savoured when crispy alongside a green apple salad with wild herbs. He also celebrates the black queen in one of his signature recipe, the macaroni au gratin and a fine stew of the black Tuber Melanosporum.