2012 Vintage of Pommard 'Clos du Colombier''

Frédéric Vardon has selected a new cask* of Pommard "Clos du Colombier" from the Huber-Verdereau domain in Burgundy. Converted into wine, fermented and bottled, this 2012 Vintage is ready to be savoured in April!

In line with his cuisine and because the French culinary heritage is also made of wine, Frédéric Vardon respects deeply and sincerely the work of these men and women winemakers. His passion for wine leads him to relentlessly share and reveal the best of wine. Featuring great wines is essential, because they are made by artisans winemakers driven by their love for grapes and wine.

The "Clos du Colombier" falls in with this tradition of old vines. The unique soils of Burgundy and this passion for vine bring together this one-of-a-kind wine, so spicy and fruity, full of elegance. Thiébaut Hubert and Frédéric Vardon share the same values of love of nature, passion for high quality produce and authenticity, so they naturally started to work together in order to bring you the best of these soils.
The 2012 Vintage "Clos du Colombier" from Huber-Verdereau domain is served by bottle, magnum or Jeroboam with a special label designed for us.

*In Burgundy, a "cask" - pièce in French - is an oak barrel with a capacity of 300 bottles.


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