Frédéric Vardon in russia at the Saint-Petersbourg miX

On 19th and 20th April, The Chef is invited to create two gala dinners at the SAINT-PETERSBOURG miX!

The miX restaurant of Alain Ducasse in St-Petersbourg, close to the Winter Palace, invites during a couple of months talented chefs from all over the world with a golden task: promoting the French cuisine aboard.

Frederic Vardon will cook his best cuisine, full of flavor, delicacies and authenticity, in fact, the same of his starred restaurant 39V.
On the menu, a brand new way of cooking traditional dishes: King Crab and fresh greens, sea bass from the French coasts with green and purple asparagus, Orloff veal and raspberries Vacherin!

But we never get enough of Frederic Vardon's cuisine: the customers will enjoy the dishes which remain on the menu until the 27th April!

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