New Year's Eve 2018

Privilege and exception just across the street from the Champs-Elysées. Real haven of peace set up on the roof of Paris. Everything is gathered to give the impression of privilege starting with a prestigious situation at the heart of the Golden Triangle and a confidential entrance at the Quentin Bauchart Street, 17 leading to a courtyard.

A private elevator enables to reach the restaurant situated at the 6th and last floor of a Haussmannian building and one can sometimes imagine that one arrives in a sumptuous Parisian apartment.

At this address, flirting with the Parisian sky, one discovers a singular place with a sober decoration, a vibrant complicity between contemporary architecture and refined decoration. LE 39V PARIS, with its circular shape, offers a panoramic view both on the whole restaurant and kitchens. LE 39V PARIS falls within a rare range, that of a bourgeois restaurant of the modern times, faithful to values and timeless codes, fleeing trend and ephemeral effects.

From Paris to Hong Kong, Frédéric Vardon's cuisine is elegant, attractive and just. The chef, awarded by a star in the Michelin Guide® in less than two years after opening, proposes a contemporary rereading of traditional recipes. He composes a neoclassical cuisine and sometimes a little bit raffish. Frédéric Vardon gives the top priority to the gist: the taste. A tribute to the essential cuisine drawn from the heart of the French culinary heritage that the chef interprets throughout the seasons.

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