First edition of Taste of Paris

Following the global success of Taste festivals, the famous culinary event will take place in Paris at the Grand Palais, from 21th to 24th May 2015. Frédéric Vardon will be there!

During 4 days, this one of a kind festival will gather fourteen chefs from the best restaurants of Paris, as well as craftsmen, producers and farmers, and cuisine aficionados under the nave of the Grand Palais. They will offer in their temporary restaurants several meals in a sampling way.Taste of Paris is also the chance to watch demonstrations and shows, discover the cooking creations and participate in cooking classes with the best of the best of the craftsmen and companies working in the wonderful field of gastronomy. And the atmosphere will be warm and friendly, inviting sharing, discovering, creativity and relaxation.

- Must see -
Thursday 21th May, Frédéric Vardon will be on stage for a culinary performance!

His words...
" This festival is a great opportunity to show and to make our cuisine accessible to visitors, whether they are familiar with it or not. Sharing is at the heart of this event. My goal is to make people feel happy and to bring some joy through my samples, so they can escape from their everyday life for a while.
With 320 kilos of asparagus and 54 kilos of peas required for 900 samples per service, it was essential to focus on what we do best and not on new creations: the goal here is to offer great quality through a great culinary experience. This is an very exciting project that was challenging for us because we had to step out of our comfort zone.
Since the Taste festival takes place for the first time in Paris, there will be a lot of imperfections, but next time, perfection will be our inspiration. "

- Taste of Paris Menu -

Soft-boiled egg with little peas
Meagre fish with green asparagus
Chocolate - Raspberry 39V