OFF TO THE BALTIC SEA Frédéric VARDON welcomes Silver SAA - Les Dîners Complices - Friday 18 April 2019

The unique and exclusive 4 hands dinners of the restaurant LE 39V PARIS are an opportunity for Frédéric Vardon to showcase the savoir-faire of his friends to his customers. Following the success of the previous editions, it is now up to Silver Saa, chef of the restaurant ORE (Tallinn, Estonia) to accept the invitation.

Backed by the Estonian gastronomy international ambition, Tallinn will host in 2020 the emblematic contest Le Bocuse D'or.

Frédéric Vardon

Frédéric Vardon travelled the world in order to find inspiration and richness.This insatiable curiosity gave him the will to share his discoveries to his restaurants (LE 39V PARIS & LE 39V HONG KONG). This 4 hands dinner, beyond the classical dinner we can picture, will be a way to exchange and to make encounters.

Frédéric Vardon affirms: " It is essential for me to share the culinary diversity and richness. I love showing our customers the world, the personality and the creativity of different chefs."

He goes on saying: " These events represent a human adventure for our customers and for our chefs; but they also represent a friendly moment of sharing with our brigade "

Silver SAA

Silver was born and raised in rural Estonia until the age of 5. He spent his childhood running around the collective farm and making the most of the nature around the area. 

Earliest memories of food date back to those days and being in the kitchen with his grandmother. Making fresh pastries, foraging for berries. That feeling of freedom and excitement is what drives Silver's passion for food to this day and the rural parts of Estonia continue to be one of his biggest source of inspiration. 

ORE is a chic-casual restaurant that offers cuisine which is refined, minimalistic in presentation and layered in flavor. 
Silver is always questioning everything, looking for new ways to improve and to lead the development of Estonian gastronomy.


Frédéric VARDON wanted the notions of EXCHANGE and DISCOVERY to run through the restaurant's DNA: a choice visible through the minimalist decoration, and the openness of the kitchen on the dining room.

The chef shares his passion with his customers in a simple way. He lets them in the world of his profession, made of love, respect and meaningful encounters.

Even more, the chef often organizes meetings with winemakers who achieve great success with his customers.

Therefore, Silver SAA & Frédéric VARDON drawn into their common passion and their respective experiences to picture an exceptional dinner, in which each of them will cook their seasonal signature dishes.

Practical information :

6 courses menu: 135€ (+ 80€ for wine pairings)

Thursday 18 April 2019

Restaurant Le 39V Paris

39 George V Avenue, Paris 8e

Booking: +33 1 56 62 39 05 or on www.le39v.com/fr/reservation

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