Take out your precious beverage with the wine bags

Hard to finish off your wine? You can take out your wine bottle at Le 39V restaurant.

You want to savour a specific wine but it's not served by glass? At lunch, you don't know whether you have time to drink an entire bottle? You are only two people and you are afraid of this big bottle which never ends and you don't want to make yourself drink? Now you can ask to our sommelier for a wine bag, so you can take out your bottle.

By providing this service, the chef aims to promote a quite uncommon custom in the French restaurants: "Unlike the United-States custom of taking home an unfinished bottle, French culture doesn't allow this and I think it's a shame so I really want to promote this custom in my restaurant and more widely in France."

Before leaving us, you will receive a black glossy bag, elegant and sober, with a flask inside, near the private elevator that leads to the cloakroom. The sommelier will then advise you on preservation and ways of savouring your opened bottle, so you can enjoy it under the best possible conditions.

Drink responsibly; alcohol abuse is detrimental to your health.