At the ZINC Opéra : Frédéric Vardon hosts the promotion dinner of the Talent Equip'Hôtel 2014

Actor of the French gastronomy and chef, Frédéric Vardon has always worked for handing on the food craft in order to perpetuate the French culinary art.

In partnership with "Châteaux et Hôtels Collection", he took part in the support program "Talents of the Hotel Catering" as a "mentor".
This program aims to become a talent scout of future players in the hospitality industry. It helps them throughout the setting up of their business plans, thanks to the Equip'Hotel platform and to a network of experts and mentors.

At 6 months of the Talent 2014 award, it is time for the final arrangements... On 28th and 29th April, Frédéric Vardon participated in the seminar evaluation and assessment meeting after having supported them for a year and a half.
Taking his role to heart and since his cuisine is above all a matter of sharing, he has received at ZINC Opera all the stakeholders of the program for a convivial dinner on Monday 28th April...